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Ask Twisprite

Hello there! I'm TwiSprite, I live in a more.. blocky version of Equestria with my friends and other.. characters, but I'm not restricted to only Equestria, I have gained powers to jump between different dimensions!

Feel free to ask me anything
Jul 27 '14

asktwistedgearsnquill asked:

I wonder how may I feel being all pixelous and such just like you :D

I’ve come back from the dead to tell you something very important:

I dunno’

Mar 27 '14

dellovan asked:

Have you ever met Slowking? You two sprites seem perfect for each other. <3

Mar 26 '14

jetn asked:

Do u drink sprite

this is racist

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Aug 4 '13


Jun 12 '13

Jun 12 '13

black and greeeeeeeeen

Jun 6 '13


Jun 6 '13

Anonymous asked:

hello my name is DJ PIXEL ive only heard of the 8-bit world but i reached top speeds and here i am yay can make a pixel form of PIXEL i looke like vinyl but red instead of blue oh and im a pegasis and my wing tips are red too plz i need a profile pic! thx if you do and ill be back later oh my glasses are sky blue frames and tardis blue lenses ok bye *wwwoooooooooosssssshhhhhhh*


Jun 3 '13
long time no draw, huh?

long time no draw, huh?

Mar 31 '13
Happy sorta late Easter everyone!

Happy sorta late Easter everyone!